Coaching (Individual and Teams)


I work with individuals and teams with work-related problems such as:

Conflicts at work

Cross-cultural issues

Post-merger integrations

Entrepreneurial stress


An individual coaching experience is useful to understand your position in the larger context of one's own patterns of thinking,


A team experience can be a good option for working out group dynamic issues in a supportive environment where colleague can hear about their teammate’s perspectives and experiences. 


Because of my PhD research, involvement in Post-Merger Integrations (PMI) and my knowledge as a therapist, the synergy of those skills contribute to your coaching experience. What does that mean for you? You can often get the best of both worlds.




The individual coaching process consist of an initial intake interview that lasts 90 minutes. Follow-up sessions of, 45 minutes or 90 minutes are then scheduled.


A group coaching process, is typically minimum of 5 people and maximum of 10 people for each session is possible.


For coaching contact me to set up an initial consultation to discuss the cost and type of coaching you’re interested in. If you as an employer or team leader would like to offer your team(s) this coaching process, then we can prepare a plan for this together.




Individual Intake (90-minutes) € 250 (excl. VAT).

Individual Follow up (45 minutes) € 175 (excl. VAT).

Individual Follow up (90 min) € 250 (excl. VAT).


Team session (60 minute)  80€ (excl. VAT) per person.  


Is due to secure an appointment.

The Schedule Buttons will take you to Paypal and credit card investment and appointment.



You can do this via the website, up to 48 hours, 2 working days in advance. If you do not cancel the appointment on time, the full costs of the session will be charged.

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