Policy & Information


Crisis Policy

E.T.P. does not have 24 hours of access, Monday - Friday, during the day and in the early evening (between 10 am and 5 pm) I try to respond as quickly as possible.

Within the Netherlands:

Outside office hours you can contact the GP post (088 003 06 00) or the urgent emergency service psychiatry Amsterdam: www.spoedeisendepsychiatrieamsterdam.nl.

In an emergency situation, it is important that you always contact your (acting) GP or crisis service. In the event of suicidality, you can call online suicide prevention 0900-0113. Or visit their website: www.113.nl


Payment and cancellations

Payments are made to secure an appointment. In person sessions may in some cases be paid in full by pin or in cash. An appointment is not without obligation.

If you are unable to honor a counseling appointment, please cancel the appointment, so that we can schedule another appointment. You can do this on the website up to 48 hours, 2 working days in advance. If you do not cancel the appointment within 48 hours, the full costs of the session will be charged.


Your Privacy is important, therefore conditions and treatments are not reported to the health insurer and your file is not supplied to the national DBC Information System (DIS). If you are a non-insurenace client.


Healthcare Insurance Compensation

In the case of a naturapolis (basic package), you are generally entitled to a partial reimbursement of a maximum of 55% - 75% based on the market rate that has been determined by the NZA (Dutch Healthcare Authority). With a restitution policy (free choice of care package) you are generally entitled to a reimbursement of 100% based on the market rate set by the NZA.

For the exact amount of reimbursement please contact your insurance company. Treatments may be reimbursed (in part) afterwards. You must check with your insurance company to see if this is possible. This means that you first pay the bill yourself.

Incomplete treatment process

Incomplete treatment process (max. 120 minutes) € 228.04

The incomplete treatment process applies if after the first interview it appears that you are not in the right place or decide to stop the treatment, regardless of the reason. ('Premature termination of treatment at the initiative of the patient and/or practitioner'.)

Time Commitment

A counseling session lasts 45 minutes. The frequency is usually one session per week or every two weeks.

Homework assignments can be part of the treatment. During the intake interview, we will discuss which complaints or problems you are experiencing.

The counseling treatment starts immediately afterwards. After I determine whether you need a short, medium or intensive treatment, we can put together a treatment plan in which we formulate the goals we will work towards. However, it may occur that I am not able to help you or can only partially help you. In that case, I will refer you back to your GP/house doctor or insurance company to find a suitable therapist, practice or institution. 


Within the Netherlands: Treatments in the Basic Mental Healthcare (BGGZ) GZ psychologist costs as of 01-01-2021. In accordance with the NZA guidelines, you can be classified according to your complaints and fall into 3 categories: short: A treatment of 300 minutes of psychological care  (approx. 4 sessions) € 522.13, for minor complaints. Medium: A treatment of 500 minutes of psychological care Medium (approx. 7 sessions) € 885.01, for complaints of moderate severity. Intensive: A treatment of 750 minutes of psychological care Intensive (max. 11 sessions) € 1,434.96 for more serious complaints. An advance rate of € 125.00 per session and possibly a residual amount will be charged so that the full care weight product is paid. If requested, after your individual treatment process, you will receive an overview invoice and you can submit it to your health insurer.

You can qualify for full (refund policy) or partial (in-kind policy) reimbursement.


If you are not satisfied with the counseling treatment, I would like to hear from you. I take your complaint seriously and together we can look for a good solution. If you are unable to discuss this with me, it is possible to file a complaint. Sjaña Holloway, is a members of the NVGzP complaints procedure. For more information see: https://www.nvgzp.nl/diensten/nvgzp-klachtenregeling/.


Quality status

Every GGZ institution and independent GGZ practice is obliged to have a quality statute as of 1 January 2017. The work processes of the institution or practice are described in the statute.

Waiting times

Waiting times varrie depending on the service. For counseling, If you find the waiting time too long, you can always contact your care provider or ask your health care provider for waiting list mediation. Your health care provider can support you, so that you will receive an intake interview within 4 weeks of your first contact with a care provider, and that treatment may start within 10 weeks of the intake. These are the maximum acceptable waiting times that have been jointly agreed between care providers and health insurers (in general).