Workshops ( in-person availability in Amsterdam, and the Benelux)

I focus on prioritizing self-care and mental wellbeing for individuals and organizations. Providing engagement, education, and empowerment for your multidisiplinary team to develop the skills they need to succeed with live, interactions with others at an international level, specifically in the Netherlands, the USA, and the Benelux.

This ranges from effective communication to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, each workshop is tailored specifically to your organization’s needs.



Because of basic misunderstandings and miscommunications,  conflict and profit loss can arise. Specifically, we can examining an individual or organization’s mental preparedness and cultural interconnection at the micro and meso level.


Contact me via the contact form for workshops, presentations, and consultations. We can set up an initial meeting to discuss the issues, cost and the type of consulting work that fits your needs.